Tucker Life Coaching
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“Saul is a brilliant coach… [He] has the skills and experience necessary to develop personal and professional excellence in others.  Saul will help crystallize your thinking, align you with what you value, focus you on taking the right action steps to achieve your objectives.”  Bill T.


“When I first met Saul, I could not allow myself to believe that there was any hope for my financial crisis.  Saul was confident, supportive and patient throughout the whole process.  After working with him, I can honestly say he has changed the quality of my life.  I am back in control of my finances which has lowered my stress.  I am able to enjoy life again.  I truly believe I could never have done this without Saul’s help.” Paul B.


“I have to say I thoroughly enjoy our sessions. 

I feel so much more positive.  Thank you Saul for being honest, inspiring and motivating.”  Victoria C.

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