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Congratulations!  You have taken the first step to 'be successful. be happy.  be.'  Working together, we will bring you the quality and satisfaction in your life that you have always desired. You can and will have the beautiful balance and harmony of your personal and professional life.  Achieving goals of your own design- be successfulfeel good about yourself- be happy, live stress and guilt free- be. You've made the personal choice to rise above your circumstances, and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results, 'be successful. be happy.  be.' 

You already have the answers.  We can help you uncover them!

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Tucker Life Coaching
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be successful. be happy.  be.

Workshops & Presentations: 
  • The Art Of Positive Thinking


  • Stop Aging & Start Evolving


  • How to Win an UnFair Fight


  • Surviving in Academic Settings with ADD/ADHD


  • We Promised to Love Each Other Forever?! How to enjoy your marriage when the honeymoon is long over...


  • Buyers Beware!!! Understand advertisers and impulse buying


  • "Self-Unemployment"...Be Your Own Boss